Friday, September 28, 2012

Gantz Park

Gantz Park is a really nice park in Grove City. There is kids play area, a few gardens, a labyrinth, a creek and a walking trail. We went to the park a few times during the summer.

Parker loved being shown around by Seth.

Parker was fascinated with this statue and kept pointing to her nose (he's learning names for body parts).

In the labyrinth.
May they always walk together in life :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Upward Game and Arts in the Alley

Grove City holds an Arts in the Alley event every summer. Artists set up booths to sell their crafts and there is an art contest along with live music and a kids play / craft-making area. We had a lot of fun here on a Saturday, and Isabelle and I went back again that Sunday.

On Saturday morning, a parade kicked of the weekend of events. Isabelle was in the parade with Upward Cheerleading and Seth was in the parade with Cub Scouts. This was the first time either of them walked in a parade!

Isabelle in the parade (cheerleader on left).

Seth and Shane walking with Cub Scouts. Seth gave us two suckers, for Parker and Isabelle.

Parker watching the parade.

Grandma Diane got to see the parade with us. She was very good at getting candy for the kids from the people who were handing it out in the parade!
Making a kid craft.

They even had a horse!

Look what Parker made!

Pausing for a bite to eat.


On this same Saturday, Isabelle cheered for an Upward game. Grandma Diane, Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve all got to watch Isabelle.

Players and Cheerleaders run through this as they are introduced before the game.

Warming up.



Great job!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reflecting on Summer, Part 2


More of our Summer fun!

We made tie dye t-shirts for all 5 of us.

Seth did a bullseye pattern.

Hard at work tie dying.

Connor and Seth in Englewood.

Trampoline time at the Witt's!

All of the Campbell cousins got to spend some time together (Jessica missing from photo)!

Riding bikes on the road behind our house, before it was paved.

Swimming in Huber Heights with cousin Connor (also with Sarah, Katie, Lori, Angie and her twin girls).

More! (Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve's back yard) Notice Seth and Shane are wearing their tie dye shirts.
The basket swing was a lot of fun!
Seth learned how to swing by himself!
Making funny faces!
Parker turned 21 months! And 22 months :)  Notice his tie tye shirt.
Cousin Jacob spent the night. Isabelle spent the night with cousin Jennifer on the same night.

We all went on a bike ride.

Preparing corn on the cob for dinner with Grandpa Steve & Grandma Barb.

Grandma Barb and Parker had fun.

This became a designated drinking spot and Capri-Suns were a favorite.

Part of the Grove City High School marching band came down our street!

Parker became a daredevil!
Good morning! Parker always wakes up happy!

And he likes to watch movies snuggled on the couch.

Pure sweetness.

Those eyes!


Pulling Summer's tail is really funny!

Another daredevil move - climbing over and down the back of the couch. He laughs the entire time he does this!

Parker helps Mommy pick the dead blooms off the mums (and some live ones).

That's our summer in a nutshell (with a few other events to be posted soon)!