Saturday, January 19, 2013


On Friday, Parker and I spent the morning at COSI. There is a play area exclusively for smaller kids and it's great for Parker. Here are a few things he particularly liked this time:

Pushing the lighted buttons on this animal board results in funny sounds

Air blows out of these holes and the balls will float on the air

Parker found one of these toys and got nice and comfy to play with it

This ride-on toy was a real hit. He rode around on this for a long time.

This is one of the main play structures. It has a bridge and two slides.

Piloting a helicopter

In the helicopter, Parker discovered that he can reach and push the pedals on the ground. He sat here for about 10 minutes pushing those pedals.

Another view of the helicopter. In the background is that main play area from the second and fifth pictures of this post.

This is a giraffe that talks if you stand in the spot right below his head. Parker kept pointing at him and saying "Blah!" since he's sticking his tongue out.

After the play area, we ate some snacks that we brought and walked around to a few other areas at COSI before heading home for Parker's nap. I'm sure we'll be back to COSI soon.

And did you notice Parker's new big boy haircut? We finally got it cut above his ears. He did great during the haircut this time - no crying!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Seth is 7!

Our sweet Seth turned 7 on January 4th! On his birthday, all of his grandparents came to our house for a small party. Seth wore an Angry Birds shirt from "Uncle Louie" (Stephen) and Sonya so we decided to make it an Angry Birds themed party.

From Grandma Diane and Grandpa Clyde, Seth received everything he needs for bird watching: binoculars, a bird feeder, bird seed and a book about Bird Watching. He also got a battery-powered lantern that will come in handy for camping with Cub Scouts.

Binoculars from Grandma Diane & Grandpa Clyde

Parker enjoyed the balloons
 From Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve, Seth received a Microchargers race track, Junie  B Jones books and an Angry Birds knit hat & gloves. Below Seth is reading the personalized card from them:
Seth read the cards aloud

The Birthday Boy!

Chocolate ice cream cake

Wearing his new Angry Birds hat
 Seth also had a birthday party for friends on January 5th. We went to Skate Zone 71 where the kids roller skated, played laser tag, played arcade games and had cake and ice cream. Seth had 8 friends there - Garrett, Jaxson, Dylan, Jacob (cousin), Taran, Shawn, McKinley and Kaleb. It's safe to say they all had a great time!

This sign greeted us at the entrance

Seth and Kaleb

From bottom left, clockwise: McKinley, Taran, Isabelle, Shawn (behind Isabelle), Dylan, Jaxson, Seth, Kaleb, Jacob. Garrett missed the photo because he had to leave early.
Avengers cake
Parker & Isabelle at Skeeball
Seth won 150 tickets on the prize wheel!

Parker playing the games
Happy 7th Birthday, Seth!!
Seth with his presents from his friends

Thursday, January 3, 2013


We finally got to make a snowman! Last year we didn't get near enough snow to make a snowman, so Seth headed out on our first snow day of this season and we made a snowman together.

Our snowy house

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Party #3

Our final Christmas party this year was at the Chapman's in Englewood on December 29th. Christy and Stephen came into town, so the only people missing this year were Katie and Travis because they just moved to Florida. It was another fun day of food, games and presents!

Seth & Shane found some wigs to play with

A new LeadPad game for Seth

Sarah & Connor having fun

Christy and I were the only two who remembered we were doing a girls stocking exchange this year!

Shane & Parker relaxing

Isabelle working on her ipod (with a new case)

Dad with his present from the kids (golf gift certificates)

Mom with her half Christmas - half Birthday present from the kids and Dad (an iPad that she was not expecting)

And a great Christmas 2012 season comes to an end!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

On Christmas Eve, we went to our church for the 6:00 service. It was great. There was a lot of music by kids and adults and a short message from the Pastor. The service lasted only 45 minutes, so Parker was able to sit happily the entire time.

After we got home we made chocolate chip cookies for Santa and cut up some carrots for the reindeer and Isabelle wrote a note to leave for Santa.

Sants circled "No" on the note.

Carrots, cookies, white milk, chocolate milk and two Christmas books ready for Santa and his reindeer.
 Isabelle and Seth woke up Christmas morning at about 6:50. They headed downstairs on their own to see if Santa had visited. Indeed he had!

We all waited patiently until 8:00 so that Parker would wake up and be able to open his gifts with everyone. Then the sorting of presents began...

Isabelle got an electric scooter!

Seth was excited to get some of Santa's bells

New trucks for Parker, and a puppy

Microchargers - the "most wanted' thing on Seth's wish list

Parker slowly opened gifts, peeling a little bit of paper off at a time.

Seth and Parker each got a Wiggle Car.

Parker's new book
Isabelle also received some books, fuzzy socks, the Simon Flash game, a Rubik's cube, a helmet (for the scooter), Lego Friends, nail polish and a polish dryer, itunes gift cards and small items in her stocking.

Seth also received two Avengers wall decorations and posters for his room, a giraffe dream lite, Connect Four, an Avengers cartoon dvd, a LeapPad game, a remote control car and stocking stuffers. Suprisingly, one of his favorite presents was a small canister of bubble gum!

Parker's presents also included puzzles, a toy flashlight, a dream lites penguin, a remote control doggy and Hot Wheels cars.

Santa also brought us a family present - Guitar Hero for the Wii. Shane received a remote control stunt car and a blender bottle for protein shakes from me. I received a "most wanted" gift - a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

Everyone was happy with their gifts and we had a great day!