Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seth Turns Double Digits!

Our Seth is 10!! For his birthday, we celebrated a day early by going to Panda for lunch as a family.

On his birthday (a Monday), Shane took Seth to White Castle. Since they are the only two in the family who can handle White Castle, it was a dinner for just the two of them (hence going out to Panda the day before). We had balloons, brownies and presents for Seth at home.

The following weekend, we had a family birthday party. Our guests were both sets of grandparents, Cathy, Steve, Jacob, Lori, Sarah and Connor. Seth requested an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

We decided to postpone a friends party this year, so hopefully we will get to celebrate with his friends soon!

Happy Birthday Seth!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas time was a bit strange this year - we had no snow and mild temperatures, mostly in the 50's and 60's throughout December. Although it would have been nice to have a white Christmas, the warmer weather was welcome!

To prepare for Christmas, we all helped put up the tree and decorate it. We also had our family photos taken for our Christmas cards. Our photos were taken at JCPenney and they were quick and painless this year! Even Parker decided he would be in the group photos this year!!

Parker helped get all the decorations out of the bins

This was taken while we were waiting to have our family photos taken
Our Christmas card (front)

Our Christmas card (back)

The kids and Carrie made sugar cookies, which has become an annual tradition.

Making and decorating a gingerbread house is also a tradition. Carrie tried to pass the fun on to Shane this year, but that didn't pan out.

So Carrie baked the gingerbread house and icing from scratch (instead of using those pre-made kits)! The baking made the house smell wonderful, and the boys had a good time decorating the house.

Seth decorated this side

Parker decorated this side
Carrie's side

The front of the gingerbread house
Relaxing after cookie baking

On Christmas eve, we tracked Santa using Google's Santa Tracker. It told us when he arrived at various locations around the world, how many gifts had been delivered, and the temperature at each stop. He sure was quick to deliver a ton of gifts!

We left some treats for Santa and his reindeer: apples, a cookie, carrots, oatmeal and hot cocoa. Parker insisted on the apples because he wants Santa to get healthier (lose weight)!

The kids went to bed that night with no problem. They were all very excited about Santa coming that night. In the morning, the kids woke up the parents at just after 8:00. We have just one rule on Christmas morning, and that is to wait at least until it is light outside to wake us up. So far, so good!

The kids were pretty calm and collected as they opened their gifts from Santa. In fact, they would all find one gift for themselves and open those gifts at the same time. Then they would wait until everyone was ready to open the next gift together. It's a great system they worked out!

The kids and presents on Christmas morning!

Parker was excited about his new train and train table!
Isabelle in the aftermath with her presents
Taking a selfie with Isabelle's new selfie stick
Seth with most of his gifts

Seth's new 24" 18-speed bike

Seth really liked this marble run

We also had really fun days in Nelsonville for the Campbell Christmas party, complete with the annual bingo game, in Englewood for the Chapman Christmas party, and at Cathy and Steve's on Christmas Day. We didn't take many photos at any of these parties this year, but this one of the Campbell cousins taking a selfie was pretty funny:

It was truly a great Christmas holiday this year and we are so thankful we got to spend it together with family!