Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seth Turns 9!

10 days after Christmas, we celebrate Seth's birthday! Before winter break, we sent invitations to every student in Seth's class (22 in all). Seth's party was scheduled for Jan. 3, which was 2 days before returning back to school. We think many kids and parents forgot about it, because only 1 friend came to Seth's party. Seth didn't seem to mind, though! He and Wyatt actually had a really good time!

Parker, Seth and Isabelle posed for some photos before Wyatt arrived:

We had a Spiderman pinata full of candy in the basement. He was really hard to defeat!

Wyatt takes a swing

Wyatt and Seth
On January 4, Seth's actual birthday, we had Diane, Clyde, Steve W. and Jacob over for snacks, cake and ice cream.

The kids posed for photos again:

Isabelle and Jacob

Happy Birthday, Seth!