Saturday, May 24, 2014


Seth visited the orthodontist for the first time! He has one lower permanent tooth coming in far behind other permanent teeth, so our dentist suggested we have an orthodontist consultation. We found Dr. Hardy in Grove City. We arrived to this great sign:

First we took a tour around the office. While we were there, I saw several teenagers come in for their appointments, and I liked how casual the office staff was with them. This seems like a great office!

The office had sent us a questionnaire for Seth to fill out about himself. It asked things like favorite shows, hobbies, vacation spots. The office assistant and Dr. Hardy talked to Seth about his answers. Next Seth had an initial exam - in a casual setting instead of the "official" orthodontic chair. Seth had a lot of fun spinning this chair around.

While Seth had his exam, Parker got to play with Mr. Potato Head.

Fortunately, Seth is now on the "Rookie Team", which means that he needs no orthodontic treatment at this time. The doctor likes to wait until more permanent teeth are in, which should be around age 12. That way, if treatment is needed, it can be done all in one phase instead of two or more phases. We like that theory! Meanwhile, we will continue to see Dr. Hardy every 9 months so he can see how Seth's teeth are doing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ohio University

Our niece, Jessica, is a freshman at Ohio University. Her freshman dorm was Pickering, which is where I lived my freshman year! I couldn't wait to go visit her to reminisce about my time at OU! First, we walked around campus, down Court Street, and saw Shane's old apartment on W. State St.

Seth, Isabelle and Shane

Who is coming and who is going?? Baker Student Center is in the background

South Green

Shane and the kids

Scripps Hall (Diane used to work here)
The Greenery is now called the Over Hang

Shane's old hangouts

The Stadium

The Convo
Shane's old apartment. It was a lot smaller than we remembered, and the grass has been replaced by gravel.
Then we had lunch at Broney's Alumni Grille (this was not here when we were students at OU).

Next we went to Pickering to see Jessica! She lived on the 4th floor, so I got to peek into my old room, #402. It was exactly the same, as was the lobby to the building.

Jessica, Parker, Seth, Isabelle in Jessica's room
The lobby

Carrie and Shannon's old 402-Crew room!
Shane decided to use the lobby's phone.
We haven't changed much, ha!
Maybe we'll get to go back again if any of our kids decide to go to OU for college (fingers crossed)!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Take Your Child To Work Day

This year, Isabelle went with Mom to Take Your Child To Work Day at Patrick Engineering. We are a very small office, so Isabelle was the only child there. She didn't mind, though! She learned from our electrical and civil engineers and from our electrical designer. Just like 2 years ago, she picked Chipotle for lunch.

Isabelle's note to us

Learning about electricity

While at "work", Isabelle worked on her own laptop and got some of her homework done.

 Everyone at Patrick enjoyed having her there!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diane's Birthday

We surprised Diane for her 70th birthday! Our family, Cathy's family and Lance got together at Lake Hope Lodge for Sunday brunch. When she arrived there with Clyde, she was very surprised that we were there! After our meal, we all went back to Diane and Clyde's house and had a great day together.
Taking in the scenery in the Hocking Hills

Cathy and Clyde (left), Carrie and Diane (middle)

Lake Hope

Our group

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thomas Edison

Seth's 2nd grade class held a Wax Museum night. Each student chose a historical person to represent. Seth chose Thomas Edison. Seth had to do research on Thomas Edison by using the internet and books (he could have used other sources as well). After the research, he recorded significant events on a timeline and in a brief biography, and he gathered artifacts from around our house that were related to Thomas Edison.

A bag for the artifacts, the timeline, the biography sheet, the biography speech and the artifacts
The night of the was museum, Seth dressed up like Thomas Edison would have dressed and displayed the artifacts for all of the attendees to see. Each student had a "push" button on their hand, and when someone pushed their button, he or she had to recite the biography speech as if they were that person.

During the speech
Here's Seth's speech:

Seth did a great job!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Secret Student and Sheriff

Seth's class has an award called Sheriff of the Week and one called Secret Student. His teacher picks a student per week who has displayed responsibility and respect. Seth was awarded the Sheriff one week in March!

Once every student had been Sheriff, the award changed to Secret Student. A few days per week, the teacher would secretly watch one student and monitor his or her behavior through the day. She was watching to make sure the student doesn't shout out, interrupt the learning of others and does what is asked of them. If that student was successful, they earned a privilege for the whole class. Seth earned Secret Student privileges for the class on May 2! He chose to make the next Monday and pajama day!

We are proud of Seth's great work in school!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Great day for a wash

A fun time washing the van! Parker is a great little helper.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slate Run

Seth's class went on a field trip to Slate Run Historical Living Farm. They were studying history and how things change over time. This farm has been preserved just as it was in the 1800's. The farmhouse has no electricity and it has an indoor kitchen and an outdoor summer kitchen. There is also a barn with horses, ewes and cows, another building with turkeys and another building with hogs. Parker and I went along with the class. It was really fun, but also very rainy and muddy!

Learning about wooden toys and sewing

Grinding corn

Maude the Horse

Extra wet!

Parker liked watching this duck
 We have been to this farm before as a family, and we will go back on a nicer day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a busy Easter season! About a week and a half before Easter, we went on an egg hunt at a local church (St. John's Lutheran). It was great - the crowd was light and a meal of hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly was provided! Parker got just enough eggs to cover the bottom of his basket and said he had enough. Seth filled his basket and Isabelle filled her basket and pockets! The eggs were filled with candy.

After the hunt, we played on the church playground.

The week before Easter, Parker's PlayGroup made crafts, went on an Easter egg hunt, and could have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Parker didn't want his picture, but he did give the Bunny a high five and got a candy-filled egg from him.

Making a bunny

We planted grass, watered it and had to trim it.
The egg hunt

Happy with his eggs!

The day before Easter was spent in Englewood for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. It was a beautiful day!

An egg was behind the lizard on the fence

There are still 2 eggs missing - everyone on the hunt!
That night, we colored our Easter eggs with food coloring and vinegar.

Isabelle hard at work

Parker and Dad

Artist Seth

Our finished product
The next morning, the kids waited until 9:00 to wake Mom and Dad up to see what the Easter Bunny left for them!

Parker's, Seth's and Isabelle's baskets

Next we headed outside because we saw that some of our Easter eggs were out there.

Later in the day, Diane and Clyde visited us and we got to spend most of the time outside enjoying the sun.