Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School 2015

Isabelle and Seth started school this year on August 31. It seemed to be a late start due to the construction of the district's elementary schools. Seth's school, JC Sommer, was built over the last year and he gets to be in the new building this year. He said it's awesome and he had a great first day! His teacher is Mrs. Ayala and he will also have Ms. Holdren.

Isabelle changed school buildings and is now at Jackson Middle School, which houses 7th and 8th grade. For the first time, she has her own locker and changes classrooms and teachers for each subjuct during the day. She said her first day was, "Eh", but she talked a lot about how nice and relaxed the teachers are, how her locker wouldn't cooperate a couple of times, and friends she got to see again. She's excited that they are allowed to use their phones during lunch.

A week before school, we picked up her schedule and she decorated her locker. She is happy she got a "top" locker.

Parker will start pre-school next week!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Summary, Part 3

 August was busy! August 1st we went to the Smith Family Reunion. This was the second year for this, and we had more people this year! We gathered at the Elliott Farm which belongs to Chuck.

The Chapman family going green

Katie and Isabelle - planning something?

Seth, Connor and a Wubble
Isabelle drove the golf cart!

We went to The Ohio State Planetarium to watch a show about the planets. On the campus, we stopped and took some pictures with these giant numbers.

Seth - Age 9

Parker - age 4
We picked the perfect day to go to The Ohio State Fair! It was a Wednesday, great weather and not crowded!

The famous Butter Cows
Seth with Butter Urban Meyer (OSU's football coach)

Shane and Seth in the middle seat

Isabelle went to a 3-day cheer camp and had cheer practice 3 days per week. She also cheered for a scrimmage game.

Grove City held its first EcoFest and Henceroth Park (behind Isabelle's middle school). We learned about several eco-friendly local companies and had lunch with local vendors. Seth tried out a climbing wall, an obstacle course and a football toss. Isabelle and Seth played a basketball game.

Making a bird feeder from a recycled water bottle

Our great niece, Myla, was born on August 17th. Later in the month, Isabelle and I went to Mia's to see her. She's so adorable!

Myla, 6 days old

Isabelle decorated her locker on schedule pick-up night. She has moved to Jackson Middle School and this is the first year she's had a locker.

Next up - school starts next week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Summary, Part 2

In July, Seth and Parker took swimming lessons at the Big Splash here in Grove City. This was Seth's second year of lessons here. It was also Parker's second year, but the first year was a parent and child class where a parent stayed in the water with him.

Seth practiced the side stroke, back stroke, front stroke and breast stroke.

Parker had a rough time. He didn't want to participate in the class by himself (without a parent). The teachers coaxed him in a couple of times, but after the fourth class (out of 8), we gave up and quit taking him to the classes.

No, I don't want to.

Working with the instructor

It was fun for 2 minutes!
Each day during the summer, the kids had job lists.

One of Parker's jobs was to write his name. He did really well and quickly learned how to spell and write PARKER.

He also had to draw and/or color a picture every day.

A house, by Parker

On July 30th, we celebrated Shane's 45th birthday at Max and Erma's. Since it was his birthday, we got free cookies!

Parker also learned letters while taking baths.

We spent several days and evenings swimming at Big Splash. It seems to be the one place all the kids have fun at together!