Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seth is the Boat Champion!

Seth joined Cub Scouts this past summer. He's been having a lot of fun with it. They have Den meetings 1 -2 times a month, and a Pack meeting once a month. Seth's Den has 8 boys in it, and the Pack is a group of several dens together. The Pack event for January was a Regatta Boat race. Each boy received a boat that had to be put together and decorated. Shane and Seth did this together. The boats had to be inspected before they could race. Then they put the boats in rain gutters and the boys had to make the boats go just by blowing the sails, no hands allowed. They paired up the boys to race against each other and had a bracket-type tournament.

Seth won the race in his Den! Then the winners of the Dens competed for the Pack Champion, and Seth took 2nd place in the Pack!

Winning Medal
The top 3 Pack winners (our neighbor Dylan (middle) won third place)


Trophy, winning boat and a Medal

Here's Seth in his full Cub Scout uniform. He also has a hat and several more badges now.

Seth's Grandpa Clyde was a Boy Scout too! Here he is in 1952...

 And here is what the Boy Scout Handbook looked like (published in 1942):
Front cover

Back cover
This Handbook contained a lot of information and instructions on how to do so many things - start and put out a fire, cook over a fire, carry an injured person, swim, when to wear the Boy Scout uniform and many, many other topics.

Things have changed a bit... Seth's Tiger Cub Handbook has the look of a kids book and its pages are filled with requirements.

The cover of Seth's Tiger Cub Handbook (published in 2001)

One of the required family activies

As a Tiger Cub, Seth fulfills advancement requirements at home with his family and at den meetings with Dad or Mom. He's making great progress toward his Tiger Cub rank and is having a lot of fun with all of the activities and events.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pajama Day at School

February is School Spirit month at school, and each Friday has a theme. Today was Pajama Day.