Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Time Rush!

A few month ago, I bought Big Time Rush concert tickets for Isabelle and me. July 5th was their concert! This was Isabelle's second concert - we went to a Wiggles concert when she was just 2!
Big Time Rush (BTR) is a band of 4 guys (James, Kendall, Carlos and xxxx) who have 2 CD's out, a movie and a t.v. show on Nickelodeon. Isabelle really likes them - James is her favorite. Her birthday party this year had a BTR theme and she has talked A LOT about them!

Isabelle's friend Emma and her mom, Heather, went to the concert with us. First we took the girls to dinner at O'Charley's in Grove City.

Isabelle & Emma at O'Charley's
The concert was at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

Before going in to the concert. Signs by Isabelle.
Picture a LOT of girls screaming, waving and holding up signs. It was a loud atmosphere, but totally fun!

View from near the back as we walked in. Our seats were to the right of the stage, the first section up and the fifth row (Row E).

Opening act #1, Rachel Crow

Opening act #2, Cody Simpson

Girls waiting for the concert to begin

Heather tweeted a photo of the girls to the Big Time Rush Columbus Concert page and they made it to the big screen!

View of the arena from our seats. The stage was to the right of this photo area.

Happy ladies (notice Isabelle's BTR shirt)
There they are!!

Logan, James, Kendall, Carlos
Emma & Isabelle watching the concert

They performed a Beatles song ("I Wanna Hold Your Hand")

All of their music was excellent! They kept the show going and the crowd loved it. It was a great night!