Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parker's Haircut

Today we went to Cookie Cutters in Hilliard for Parker's haircut. Parker had never been there before, but we used to take Isabelle and Seth there before we moved to Grove City. This place is great for kids. It has an indoor playset (that Parker loved) and the kids get to sit in fun seats. Parker sat in an airplane. They also have cars and a motorcycle to sit in. Each seat has a t.v. and dvd player for kids' movies. Parker got to watch Numbers Nursery, a Baby Einstein movie that he loves. He was hesitant to sit in the airplane seat and cried a bit, but once his movie started, he focused on that and did great during his haircut.

Climbing up, before haircut

Through the tunnel

Down the slide
Haircut in progress - holding Mommy's hand and enjoying a sucker while watching a movie.

All done! He's giving the stylist a stern look!

Got a balloon!

Reaching for his balloon.

Handsome Parker Pie!

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