Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Party #2

Our second Christmas party this year was at the Campbell's house in Nelsonville. Shane's sister, Cathy's family also spent the day here. We always have fun here and Seth and Isabelle love that they get to see their cousins, Jacob, Jennifer and Jessica.

For the first time, Parker posed and said, "Cheese"! That's our Clifford dog that he brought along.

Seth is good at posing for pictures.

Also for the first time, Parker rode the horsey all by himself!

And he loved it!

"Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake - Jacob, Isabelle & Seth
The boys play the piano.

Christmas Bingo game

Shane & Lance

Parker with his new mower

Seth. Jessica & Jennifer opening presents
One of Parker's gifts from Grandma & Grandpa was this small, wooden rocker that was found at an antique store and spruced up. Just his size!

Isabelle enjoying the day
It was a great day!

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