Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Party #3

Our final Christmas party this year was at the Chapman's in Englewood on December 29th. Christy and Stephen came into town, so the only people missing this year were Katie and Travis because they just moved to Florida. It was another fun day of food, games and presents!

Seth & Shane found some wigs to play with

A new LeadPad game for Seth

Sarah & Connor having fun

Christy and I were the only two who remembered we were doing a girls stocking exchange this year!

Shane & Parker relaxing

Isabelle working on her ipod (with a new case)

Dad with his present from the kids (golf gift certificates)

Mom with her half Christmas - half Birthday present from the kids and Dad (an iPad that she was not expecting)

And a great Christmas 2012 season comes to an end!

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