Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Works

The Works is a hands-on museum for kids, located in Newark. We had a really fun day there back in March and all three kids found things they liked!

A play area for smaller kids. Parker liked going through the gate.

View of the smaller kids area

Making faces (see below)

Isabelle had to turn the gears to see how much power it took to make the light bulbs light up

A "puzzle" of body organs

Parker loved watching the balls rotate around and down the middle of this giant bowl

Playing with magnetic puzzle building blocks

This bench doubles as a xylophone

Shane and Seth built cars and raced them on a nearby downhill track. Seth's car won!

A driving simulation game

Upstairs houses a museum with things from the Newark area and Ohio

Part of the museum shows what the building used to be used for (metal works). The people are statues.

Larry the Glass Blower is on site and gives demonstrations. Here he is making a vase.

Kids watching
 A train car has been refurbished to look like it originally did.

It was a fun adventure!

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