Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Diane, Clyde and Lance this year at their house. Seth made a couple of pieces of artwork to prepare for Thanksgiving:

From school, Seth is thankful for "My Family, School, God, My House, Weekends, Life"

Seth made this at home, tracing his hand to make a turkey. We laughed because his beak seems to be on top of his head!
Seth also had an assignment at school to plan a Thanksgiving meal. He had to make an invitation, a guest list and plan the meal using a budget of $150. Then he had to display everything he did on a poster. I helped him a lot with this project and it was a lot of fun. Isabelle wanted to make a poster for this project too. The following picture is Isabelle's poster. Seth's had to be turned in at school.

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