Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Parker's Christmas Party at PlayGroup

On the last day of PlayGroup for 2013, Parker's class had a Christmas party. There were Christmas-themed crafts around the room and at the end of class we had a potluck lunch. It was a lot of fun! I am happy to report that Parker has really opened up in class. He talks to one of the teachers now, Ms. Michele, and even held her hand! He no longer hesitates or asks for Mom to help him when it's his turn to get a colored fish from the middle of the room (during a song we sing in Circle Time) and he participates during songs by doing all the movements (turn around, jump, clap, etc)! It's so fun to see him participate.

Before class, Ms. Michele took pictures of kids and their parent(s) in this sleigh outside the barn. I love how sweet Parker has his hand on my leg here :)

Parker decorated a gingerbread man using glue, stickers and fabric pieces:

We made an ornament:

At the end of class, Ms. Michele made a round table area for all the kids to eat.

It was a great morning!

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