Monday, March 17, 2014

Isabelle Turns 11

Isabelle is 11!! We celebrated with two friends the day before her birthday. Emma and Erika joined us for Chipotle and ice cream cake. Erika got to spend the night. I'm told they were "only" up until 3:00! On top of that, it was the night that Daylight Savings Time began, so we "lost" an hour of sleep.

Seems I only got one photo of her during this celebration. She received a Target gift card from Emma which was used to buy a pair of jeggings and a pair of boots, and an AppStore gift card from Erika which she used to get music for her iPod.

On her actual birthday, March 9, we had family over for lunch, cake and ice cream. Again, I failed to get many photos!

"Caffeine Cake" by Grandma Barb

Izzy and Aunt Christy

Isabelle received money, a half-body puppet (which she named Rachel), an iTunes card and the movie, Tuck Everlasting (she had just finished reading the book). From us she received tickets to the upcoming Katy Perry concert.

Grandma Barb!

Our 11 year old!
With most of her birthday money, Isabelle bought a North Face jacket that she has really been wanting.

Rachel & Isabelle

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