Monday, December 29, 2014

Chapman Christmas Party

December 27th we traveled to Englewood for the Chapman family Christmas party. Christy and Stephen were both home from out of state.

Parker, Shane, Seth & Isabelle

Lori, Connor and Jon

Parker covered Grandpa in bows

This year we tried a couple of new "events". First, four people formed a square using chairs for support (below) and balanced on another person's legs. Then, all the chairs were pulled out so that they were all balancing on each other! This was the first group. The second group was Barb, Carrie, Sarah and Christy.
Getting setup with the chairs

The men took part in a cookie contest - they had to start with the cookie on their forehead and move it to their mouth without any hands.

Also, on Sunday, December 28th was Barb's 71st birthday!! We celebrated with red velvet cake truffles. Somehow I missed getting a photo.


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