Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fun With Our Cinci Friends

We spent a couple of days in June with my good friend Shannon and her kiddos, Savannah and Brady. First we traveled to Cincinnati and spent the day at a neat park called Home of the Brave Park. We had hoped to be able to use the splash pad there, but it was closed for repairs.

Brady, Isabelle, Savannah, Seth (Parker was camera shy)

Once it started raining, we headed to an indoor Rainbow showroom / playground. It is filled with playsets and all of the kids had a really fun time running around!

The second day we spent together was a week later at the Big Splash pool in Grove City.

Once again, we had to cut our outside time short due to rain. So we headed to Capital City Cakes for ice cream, cookies and brownies.

These kids all get along so well!

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  1. It's crazy to me how much like their mom Shannon's kids look!


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