Friday, September 11, 2015

Open Barn Day at the Animal Sanctuary

The animal sanctuary in Marysville hosts open barn days. These are afternoons when the public can go and visit the farm and meet all the animals they take care of. Isabelle and I went there a few months ago and she loved it. This time, the whole family went to visit. The animals are free to roam around the farm as they wish and visitors are free to explore the farm as well. There were volunteers on hand to tell us about the animals. It was really neat to see all the animals up close and to be able to pet them as much as we wanted.

They even take in cats

This cow, Wesley, is taller than Shane!

Overview of the farm

Petting a miniature horse
Petting a miniature horse

Daniel the horse, and a pig sleeping in the background

Found a donkey

And another donkey

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