Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer Summary - July 2016

We went on our annual trip to Steve’s in Michigan over the July 4th weekend. We had a smaller crowd this year – it was our family plus Mom and Dad (Barb and Steve) – but still had a lot of fun! There were a couple of new things this year: Parker rode on the 4-wheelers with Shane for the first time, and we met the newest Chapman family member, Lionel the goat!

Shane and Parker
Shane and Parker:

Steve and Seth:

Meet Lionel

Happy 4th of July!

Parker took swimming lessons at the YMCA. While I’d like to say he made a lot of progress in swimming due to the lessons, he really didn’t. The goal was to have him swimming on his own for a distance of five feet, and to learn different ways of swimming (side, back and front). He didn’t get to that point and wore a floaty most of the time. They did do a couple of fun things, though. They taught boating safety and got to ride in a canoe in the pool, and they got to jump off of the diving starting blocks.

Parker and I went to the AHA! museum in Lancaster (AHA stands for A Hands-on Adventure). This was our first time there, and we found out that it’s a really neat place for little ones to play! Parker has been asking to go back! They are moving into a bigger space soon, so we may go back once they are moved.
This is a house frame and kids put the blocks in for the walls

This is a vet's office

Water table

This was Parker's favorite thing to do. He worked the pulley so that the blocks went up, then the went back to the ground when he let go.

Parker, Shane and I went to Big Bounce one afternoon. This is an indoor trampoline park new to Grove City. It was not crowded that day, so Parker got to jump all around!

The whole family spent a lot of time at Big Splash, our local swimming pool. The water started out a bit chilly at the beginning of June, and by mid-July it felt like bathwater. Our friends Shannon, Brady and Savannah joined us at the pool one day. Unfortunately, it ended up raining pretty hard so we had to leave a lot earlier than planned.
Savannah and Parker

The kids waiting out the rain (we ended up leaving)

The photos below are other times we went in July:
Big Splash

Big Splash
Big Splash

We all went to the Park of Roses in Columbus for the first time. Unfortunately, we seemed to have missed the peak blooming time for the flowers.
Park of Roses

Park of Roses

Park of Roses

On July 27th, we went to Kings Island. Parker stayed home with Hannah since he’s pretty timid about riding ride by himself and we would be too big to ride the kid rides with him. Kings Island is already a bit of a challenge with Seth and Isabelle because Isabelle loves the roller coasters while Seth prefers smaller rides and the water rides. We all rode a few rides together, but then we had to split up and continue to meet up throughout the day. For the first time, I rode the Diamondback roller coaster (twice) and it was scary but fun! The longest line of the day was a half an hour for the White Water Canyon, but all other rides were a wait of 15 minutes or less. While we were gone that day, Hannah and Parker had fun at Big Splash and had Marco’s Pizza for dinner (Parker’s request).

Outside the log ride

Shane and Seth on the log ride:


July 29 was a big day for Isabelle. She and I went to a Melanie Martinez concert. Melanie is her favorite singer – a 21-year old who was a contestant on The Voice and who went on to do her own thing. The concert was at Express Live in Columbus. It’s a pretty small place and we were packed into it with a ton of teenagers. Although it was very hot and crowded, we did have a good time and Isabelle was so happy that she got see Melanie.

To finish up July, we celebrated Shane's 46th birthday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse (and didn't manage to get a photo).

That was our July!

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