Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letters to Santa (Updated!)

Grove City has a special mail box at the library to send letters to Santa Claus. This is the first year we've used this mailbox. Here are the letters we sent in their envelopes, and us sending them.

Isabelle wrote a letter asking if she is on the good list and letting Santa know some gifts she would like. She would not let me scan and share her letter here :) But this is the letter she received back from Santa:

Seth told me what to write for his letter and he colored the picture:

Here is the letter Santa sent back:

After consulting with Parker, I wrote a letter to Santa for him:

There was a "technical error" scanning his entire letter, but it continued to say "with, and maybe some big boy toys too."

Of course, Santa wrote back to Parker too:

It sounds like Santa Claus is very busy and Mrs. Claus is very busy taking care of him! We can't wait to see what he brings for Christmas!