Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas with Grandma & PaPa Campbell

Since Shane was off work on Dec. 22, we traveled to Nelsonville for the day to celebrate Christmas with his parents. We had a nice lunch and then we played a Bingo game. Grandma was the caller and Shane, Carrie, Isabelle and Seth were the players. Every time someone claimed Bingo, they got to go pick out a present in a gift bag which they could then keep or trade with someone else's present. The decision to trade or keep had to be made before opening the picked present. Seth may have peeked in the bags to see if the present was going to be something better suited for Mommy! We all ended up with a lot of fun presents!

Seth wanted his picture taken with this snowman. We have 5 different photos!

Playing with Kade
Parker really liked looking at this "aquarium" of Isabelle's

Can Parker get any cuter!?
Shane received some furniture movers and they ended up being very entertaining! We slid them under some chairs and pushed the kids around. They loved it!If you listen closely you can hear Parker making sort of a "whee" sound.

The night ended with a Happy Birthday cake for Jesus.

It was a fun day!