Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Friends" Birthday Party for Isabelle

Whew! Our house was filled with 8 little girls, 3 little boys and a ton of fun, laughter and noise!

The stellar invitation (some details removed)
Isabelle had 7 friends over during the evening of her birthday for a party. The brother (Holden) of one friend (Rowan) came to hang out with Seth. They joined the party for pizza and cake, but mostly played video games together.
Seth and Holden
The theme of the party was Big Time Rush (BTR). Big Time Rush is a band of 4 boys who also have their own show on Nickelodeon. Isabelle owns their books, posters, 2 CD's, and is crazy about them. Since they are a rather new band, there are no party decorations featuring them. I had to create my own, seen on the birthday cake (no photo - oops!), the table and Isabelle's shirt. At the party, each girl received a BTR handmade necklace that was bought off of

When all the girls arrived, Isabelle had them sit on the floor to make fortune tellers. Here she's instructing everyone:

These are made out of paper and they play a little game where one person chooses a word, number or letter on the fortune teller, which leads to another word, which has a fortune under it. Here's what one looks like:

The outside has 4 choices

The middle has 8 choices

The inside hides the fortunes. These two say, "You will become very smart!" and "You will be famous & rich!"

The girls had fun making those and Isabelle was a true leader as she taught them all how to make them.
Next everyone received a fortune cookie (homemade by me!). Isabelle made up all the fortunes, some of which said "You will marry James" or another one of the BTR boy names! Then we had Isabelle's requested pizza - Papa Johns. As the girls sat around the table, they decided to play Operator. One person thinks of a message and whispers it in the next person's ear. That person then whispers it to the next person until everyone has heard the message. Then the last person says aloud what the message is. It usually ends up being only a fraction of the original message and is pretty funny!

L to R: Isabelle (back), Alayna, Faith, Amy, Erika, Ashley, Emma, Rowan

L to R: Erika, Ashley, Emma, Rowan, Isabelle, Alayna, Faith, Amy
Next was opening presents, then cake time. I made a copy of Dairy Queen's ice cream cake and I must admit - it was delicious! There was a printed photo of BTR on the top of the cake with "Happy Birthday Isabelle" on it.

She's 9!

A cut slice of the yummy cake. The chocolate in the middle is crushed Oreos mixed with chocolate syrup.

The girls all talked and played together for a little while. They played Duck, Duck, Goose and Musical Chairs until the party was over.

It was a great night for all!

9 years ago today this great girl came into my life!