Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Smoothies

Isabelle decided to make a smoothie. She got this idea from one of her online games she plays. Educational, don't you think? In this particular game, the waitress has to make different foods and one is a smoothie. Isabelle listed the ingredients: strawberries, apple juice, strawberry yogurt, a banana and a kiwi. She cut up the strawberry, banana and kiwi and put them each in a bowl.

Then she put the strawberries, yogurt, banana and apple juice into the blender and blended away.

After a taste, Isabelle wanted to add the kiwi and blend it again. The kiwi was originally intended to be put on the rim of the glass as decoration.

The final smoothie got a "thumbs up"! I hope she makes more of them - yum!