Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Parker's 17-Month Snapshot

17 months old!

At 17 months, Parker still doesn't say any real words. He uses "Ma" to mean lights and to mean Mommy and just about anything else. He has learned to say "Hi-Ya" like he's doing a karate move. Seth was saying it one day and to our surprise Parker started saying it. Now the two of them like to say it back and forth a lot.

Parker watches Baby Einstein movies a lot, sometimes on Isabelle's laptop. He also has gotten closer to our cat Cartman and giggles when he pets him.

Watching Baby Einstein on the laptop

Gotta rest

Petting Cartman, cautiously

Parker has gotten better at climbing and balancing. I found him on top of his toy/train table one day just sitting there playing with his toys. He can climb onto a couple of our chairs, but not the couches yet. He hasn't figured out how to climb over the ottoman at the bottom of the steps yet either. He loves to walk all over the beds and play on the steps. He did learn how to climb up and slide down a small plastic slide we have in the basement and giggles as he slides down it.

Being outside is definitely one of Parker's favorite places to be. He'll walk around our sidewalks and street, play with basketballs and push the wagon around. He also likes wagon, stroller and bike rides.

"Nice doggie"

Boys on bikes
Backyard fun

Parker Pie