Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ash Cave

The day after Easter we all went to Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park with Diane & Clyde (Shane's parents). The weather cooperated and we had true Spring temperatures and a really nice day. A short walk on a path lead to the cave and waterfall.

Are these children being closely controlled?

The Fabulous Five

This smiley face stump was along the path leading to the cave

All three kids had a good time exploring the cave, the sand, the rocks and the water.


The waterfall

Shane & Parker on a rock in the water. Diane & Seth are in the background climbing down the rocks.

Feeling the water

Seth posing on the log that he got onto by himself (resulting in wet shoes!)

Stairs to the upper area

Isabelle wrote her name on the rocks (Isabelle Margaret Campbell)

Seth's name in the sand

Made it to the top! Grandma Diane wrote Seth's name on the rock.

View from up the stairs in a previous photo. Close to the center are Carrie & Parker, further back are Clyde & Diane.
Boys and Diane

Family photo attempt. Seth is hiding behind Carrie

Clyde, Diane, Parker & Shane. Photo by Isabelle.
Look back to May 2006...... the last time we visited Ash Cave with Isabelle & Seth almost 6 years ago....

Seth 4 months old

Isabelle 3 years old
Under the waterfall
Looks like fun holding that tree up

 We will definitely visit Ash Cave again!