Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take Your Child To Work Day

Isabelle got to spend a day with me at my new work (Patrick Engineering)! It was Take Your Son/Daughter To Work Day. Although my office is tiny and there weren't any activities planned for kids, Isabelle really wanted to go to work with me for the day. To keep herself busy, she brought with her a "Bag of Entertainment" that consisted of some books, her Kindle and her laptop. One of the first things she did was to make a Lost and Found pile and then she went around "finding" things that were "lost" (she got this idea because there was a pair of lost sunglasses on my desk). She spent some time coloring a giant picture that one of my co-workers printed on our big plotter printer for her (seen in the photo below) and she helped me scan some papers (she wouldn't let me do it without her!). For lunch we invited everyone to go to Chipotle with us (Isabelle's pick) and everyone from the office ended up going with us!

Me and mini-me at my desk. The picture Isabelle colored is on the wall behind us.

Being goofy with a wrist rest.
All of my co-workers enjoyed having Isabelle there for the day. She has already asked when she can go back!