Sunday, June 2, 2013

4th Grade Celebration

On her last day of 4th grade, which is also her last day at J.C. Sommer Elementary School, Isabelle was part of the 4th grade awards ceremony where each student received an award. They also played a slide show of photos from the school year. Shane attended this since it was at 8:30 AM.

Students at awards presentation

Isabelle receiving her award from Mrs. McMunn (her teacher)
Admiring the awards
Isabelle and Mrs. McMunn

Isabelle and Mrs. Ayala. Both teachers "team taught" so Isabelle went to Mrs. Ayala's classroom for part of the day each day.

Outstanding Academic Achievement!
At the end of the day, there was a "Clap Out" for the 4th graders. All of the students in the school, teachers, faculty and many parents lined the hallways of the 4th grade wing and clapped as the 4th graders walked by and out the front door. Parker and I were a part of the Clap Out and it was really neat, and a bit emotional realizing how quickly Isabelle is growing up! Isabelle said she was sad to leave the school.

It was difficult to hold a camera and watch Parker, so here's a sample of the clap out (Isabelle is not in this photo - or any of the clap out).
Everyone in the hallway

Parker with Isabelle outside after the clap out.
She really enjoyed all of her years there and had great teachers. This fall she'll go to Hayes Intermediate School, which is for 5th and 6th grades. That school is just 2 blocks from JC Sommer, on the same street.

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