Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cub Scouts Crossover Ceremony

Seth's first year of Cub Scouts wrapped up with a Crossover Ceremony at the end of May. All year he has been working towards the Tiger Cub rank. With this ceremony, he is officially a Tiger Cub.

The night included dinner - hot dogs provided by Cub Scouts along with side dishes and desserts provided by each family. Then the boys each crossed the bridge to symbolize their "crossing over" to the next rank, and they received a yellow neckerchief and the Tiger Cub patch.

Getting ready to cross the bridge

Seth's turn next

Removal of the orange neckerchief

Receiving his new yellow neckerchief

Here's Parker during the dinner. He's showing off his boo-boo from a slide at World of Bounce.

Pack 136
There are some Cub Scout activities planned this summer, and then he'll be working towards the Wolf Cub rank.

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