Saturday, September 14, 2013


Parker and I started PlayGroup yesterday! This is a group for 11 kids, all age 2, and an adult and is held at Gantz Park in Grove City. It's actually in the upstairs of Gantz Barn, which is a barn that was renovated to house preschool and recreational classes.

One teacher (Sara) greeted us at the door. Parker was shy and didn't say a word. He soon saw all of the toys and started playing. There is one room set up for "free play" and circle time, and another room with more specific activities. These were the activities for the day:

However, Parker walked into the room with the activities and walked right back out. He played in the "free play" room the entire time! That is just fine, though, because this group is set up to allow the kids to use whatever toys they want to and to not be pressured into following a specific routine or doing each activity. I am hoping, though, that he'll want to get into all of these activities that look like a lot of fun and learning.

Parker mostly enjoyed washing cars in the washing machine, playing with cars on the table, talking on a pretend phone and pouring tea for Mommy.

Parker sorted all the shapes

At the end of class, the kids help clean up everything and have circle time. We sang two songs and waved goodbye.

We stayed at the park there for a bit after class too.

The barn in the background is where the class is held

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