Tuesday, September 3, 2013

School Update - First Week

The first full week of school for Isabelle and Seth was a great and busy week. Seth's class has been reviewing concepts from first grade and the teacher has been doing reading evaluations. He will begin to read at home as part of his homework each day. He will also have math homework. During the first week, Seth had just 2 pages of homework - both pages were telling time on a clock. Seth chose to start eating breakfast at school instead of at home and seems to be excited to get to do that.

Isabelle is really enjoying school and she had a very eventful week. She joined KIA Club. It stands for Kids In Action and the kids in the club will do "good deeds" for the school and for the community. They will meet once a month before school, which means Mom or Dad will have to drive Isabelle to school an hour early on those days. Fortunately, we both have work schedules that will allow us to do that.

Isabelle also was elected to Student Council!. This will be her 3rd year of Student Council (though her first year at Hayes). Each class needed three students to run for student council, so that two would be elected and one would be an alternate. Only one girl originally wanted to run for student council, so Isabelle felt like she had to run or their class wouldn't have enough kids running. So that required her to write a speech! She had a lot of fun writing the speech, and she made it entertaining. Below is a draft of her speech - she ended up taking some lines or words out.

"Izzy Campbell’s Student Council Representative Speech
Hello, my name is Isabelle Campbell. I have experienced Student Council in third and fourth grade at JC Sommer Elementary School. I would be a good Student Council Representative for a few reasons.       
1. I have had 2 years of experience
2. It really interests me.   
Wait there's a number 4!!!   
4. I like to help peeps and chill with em’ too!!!   
NOW all I have to say is: Don’t Be Dizzy, Vote For Izzy!!!"
Another boy ended up also running for a spot, so the class had to vote. Isabelle and the other girl (Ginger) were both elected, so the boy ended up being the alternate.

Outside of school this week, we went to an ice cream social to join a Girl Scouts troop. This particular troop tries to get out and do things in the community as much as they can. A couple of things they have planned are a visit to the Ronald McDonald House and a visit to the Humane Society animal shelter. I'm hoping all of these experiences are enjoyable and educational for Isabelle.

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