Friday, August 22, 2014

Kings Island

Isabelle, Seth, Shane and I spent a day at Kings Island on Thursday, July 31. Parker stayed with Grandma Barb. It was a great day due to the mild weather and light crowd! Isabelle rode a lot of the bigger rides - Diamond Back, Flight of Fear, The Beast and Vortex, while Seth preferred the kind of rides that weren't roller coasters like the Scrambler, Monster, Swings and especially White Water Canyon and the water rides. Shane and I got to ride the newest roller coaster, Banshee, because there was only a 20 minute wait!

Banshee in background

The Monster

After the Wind Seeker (it goes 301 feet up in the air and swings you around on big metal arms! You can see the seats in the background to the left)

Backlot Stunt Coaster - our first ride

The Scrambler

Banshee in the background

Congo Falls

Invertigo (we didn't ride this one)

The fountain at the entrance

Eiffel Tower

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