Friday, August 29, 2014

Katy Perry Concert

About a year ago, I promised Isabelle that if Katy Perry came to Columbus in concert, we would go. Well of course she did! Back in February or so, her tickets went on sale so I bought two and they were Isabelle's birthday present in March. She was very excited!! We had to wait until August 13 to go to the concert. In preparation, Isabelle wanted her hair dyed pink. After researching temporary hair dye on the internet, I decided upon a brand called Panic Manic at Sally Beauty Supply. It was very easy to do, and here's how Isabelle's hair ended up:

The concert was great! Katy played about 20 songs (many not full-length) and kept the concert bright and cheery. A few times, she "floated" around the arena floor and above the audience. She changed costumes and hair colors quite a bit. Isabelle took home a poster and a bracelet. We had a great time!

Our selfie

The stage before Katy started

Isabelle decorated a shirt just for the concert

Katy's entrance

From the big screen

"Hot and Cold" was performed by "cats"

Singing "By the Grace of God"

During the concert


We were given these prismatic glasses that made the lights have a rainbow look (see next photo)

View through the prismatic glasses

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