Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Franklin Park Conservatory

Miss Scarlet did it, with the rope, in the Conservatory. We've been playing a lot of Clue lately, which was good timing because we visited a conservatory this past weekend. You probably know, a Conservatory is one of the rooms in Clue, so of course Seth and Isabelle asked what a conservatory is. They got to visit one to see for themselves! We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Barb. It's a neat place with all kinds of plants and many rooms to walk around and explore.

In addition to the plants, we got to see caterpillars in the process of making cocoons, completed cocoons, butterflies emerging from cocoons and then butterflies flying all around one of the rooms. As you leave the room with butterflies, there are full-length mirrors with a sign that says to check yourself for hitchhiking butterlies!

The Tropical Rainforest room has 2 parrots, Mick and Mack. They squawked a few times and startled us!

They have a great glass art collection throughout the entire place.

A giant sized "lite brite" outlining the conservatory building.

Even the water fountain was entertaining. Parker kept trying to climb up into it!

I knew we had been to the Conservatory once before, but I ended up finding photos from two previous visits there. The first three photos seem to be from summer 2007 (Seth 1 1/2 and Isabelle 4) and the rest are dated January 2008 (Seth 2 and Isabelle almost 5 years old).

We've all changed quite a bit since then!