Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parker and New Foods

Parker has been trying new foods recently and his doctor wants him to cut down on the formula and increase his water intake. At his 9-month checkup, Parker wasn't drinking any water. We hadn't even thought about giving him any. But now he drinks just a little water each day. He's not that into it and prefers the taste of formula. He hasn't gotten the hang of a sippy cup yet and in order for him to drink water, he's picky and needs it to be warm and in a bottle. He can have any foods he won't choke on except egg whites and peanut butter. Some foods he has eaten are Cheerios, graham crackers, chocolate chip muffins, zucchini bread (Grandma Barb's recipe), pasta, bananas, toast, pancakes, melon and really anything we eat that we think he might like.

Here he is after a chocolate chip muffin and putting his hands all through his hair.

And here he's happy after having lots of melon for breakfast (which made Grandpa Steve very happy).

Hopefully he'll continue to like a lot of new foods!

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