Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day

We took a trip to Nelsonville to visit Grandma Diane and Grandpa Clyde on Labor Day. The rainy weather didn't stop us from having fun! The kids played on the front porch with Play Doh for quite a while and swang on their favorite tree swing. They also walked down to Uncle Lance's pond (next door) with Grandma and cousin Kade to feed the fish.

Inside they watched a Rudolph Christmas movie, one of their favorites, and had an indoor picnic. In their basement is a very popular toy, the riding horse. Isabelle and Seth both loved this horse when they were younger (actually, Seth still loves it!), and this was the first time that Parker got to ride it. He really liked it! He seemed to go into a trance with all the bouncing. I'm sure as he gets older, he will look forward to going to Nelsonville to ride the horse!

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