Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Chapman Family

On Christmas Eve, we traveled to Englewood to spend the day with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Steve. Lori, Dave, Christy, Stephen, Sonya, Anthony, Cindy, Mia, Sarah and Jon were all there too. Quite a group! We had a big lunch then opened presents.
Seth was excited about this present. It is now on his bedroom wall.

Parker got a new wagon, a 2-seater.

Parker loves the wagon - he plays with it inside for now.
It should be noted that almost every year, there is a present that a certain someone buys but manages to lose or forget about. This year, it was a present for Isabelle that was missing and this certain someone was really looking forward to seeing Isabelle open it. Everyone pitched in to look for this present in every room of the house. When it didn't seem like it would be found, the certain someone went out to buy a new one. She was just about to purchase it when Lori saved the day and found the missing present! It was still in the shopping bag on the floor of one of the clothes closets. So we called the certain someone just in time before a new one was bought. It was Isabelle's Kindle! Also in the bag, a present for Seth was found - a toy vehicle!

The men played Poker (Shane was in the lead when we had to head home) and some of the women (yes, grown women, not girls) made a new game sliding down the stairs on a plastic bag! Sometimes it's just the simple things...!

All the girls (missing Mia)

And some of the boys (missing from the pic. are Grandpa Steve, Shane, Dave and Anthony)
Merry Christmas Eve!