Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Isabelle's Last Cheerleading Game and Awards Celebration

Isabelle's last cheerleading game of the season was last Saturday. Here's her team:

After the game, the coach asked the group what their favorite part of cheerleading was this year. Isabelle's favorite part was the half time dances. The coach (Erin) also gave each girl a charm beads bracelet and 3 cheerleading charms to go on it. The team gave the coach a sports bottle with a photo of the cheerleaders on it.

Sunday was the Upward Awards Celebration. All of the basketball players and cheerleaders were introduced, by team, as they ran out onto the stage. The basketball players ran across the stage then down to their seats. The cheerleaders ran out and stayed on stage and performed 2 cheers.

Isabelle is right under the basket

One of the cheers - Isabelle is third from the right:

The dance:

There was a mechanical bull to ride. Seth was a little scared on his first ride, but made it through and wanted to ride it again and again!

Isabelle rode it once and did pretty well. I didn't have the camera to catch her in action.

Parker found these poles to play around.

He also thought the water fountain was pretty entertaining.

Parker having a ball

Seth going down the slide