Sunday, February 5, 2012

Parker's 15 Month Snapshot

15 months! It seems like Parker has been a part of our lives for so much longer than 15 months already. It's hard to remember what it was like to have just 2 kids!

  • Parker is wearing mostly size 18 months clothes, though I did dig out some 24 month/2T shirts that fit him perfectly. His shoes are sizes 4 and 5.
  • 16 teeth are in or coming in. He should get 4 molars around age 2, for a total of 20 teeth.
  • He got another hair cut this month, which was his second hair cut.
  • Granola bars and chocolate chips have been added to the list of snacks Parker likes.
  • He drinks Vitamin D milk and water. He's tried apple juice a couple of times, but just doesn't like it.
  • Dancing is one of Parker's favorite things to do now. His dancing consists of turning around in circles (sometimes getting really dizzy) and bending down to hit his hands on the floor. He has a good time!
  • "Ma" is his main word and he uses it to mean just about anything. He'll also say "Ga" from time to time and it seems to have a few meanings as well.
  • With the mild winter weather, Parker has been able to go on several wagon rides. Seth usually rides in the wagon too and Shane pulls them through the neighborhood.
  • He's been going to the child watch at the YMCA while I exercise. He shows how much he hates me leaving him there by crying hard and loud, but after a minute or two he calms down and plays with the toys there. Seth also goes to the child watch on days he doesn't have school and he's very helpful in getting Parker to calm down and play with him.
  • Parker imitates me by blowing on his hot food.
  • He likes to play on the beds and he points to the lights when he wants them turned on.

Watching a Baby Genius movie while standing

Spring weather in February!

Walking up and down the sidewalk

We love our Parker!