Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seth's Valentine's Day Party

Preparing for Valentine's Day, Seth made out Valentine's cards to trade with kids at school.

Seth's party was on Monday, Feb. 13 because he doesn't have school on Tuesdays. I was able to help with his class Valentine's Day Party! They were a rowdy group of Kindergarteners!

They put together a craft of a lady bug using foam stickers.

Then they played Bingo using the letters LOVE instead of BINGO. Next was a snack of an iced cookie and apple juice, followed by a game with their Word Wall.

Snack time

The Word Wall Game
The Word Wall has words on it that they should know how to read. It was a timed game where each student took one word off the wall, said the word, gave the word card to the teacher, then the next student did the same thing, as fast as they could. All the kids really liked this game and we heard a big, "Oooohhhh!" every time the timer went off and there were still words left on the wall.

The kids then separated into pairs. Garrett and Seth chose each other as partners. They played a game similar to War, but their cards had dots on them.

Last, the teacher read them a book called, "The Biggest Valentine". I'd say the party was a huge success!

Seth with the bag he decorated and Valentine cards he received at school