Sunday, November 18, 2012

Parker Turns 2!

Our Parker Pie is 2!! He's such a great little boy with his own fun personality. He loves to play with Seth and copy things he does. It's really fun to watch those two play together. One of Parker's favorite activities with Isabelle is dancing - quite the sight!

On his birthday, we took him to Chuck E. Cheese's. He loves this place! The lights, the sounds, the people... what's not to like for a 2 year old? And this was the first time Parker actually ate their pizza.

We stayed for quite a while and played games. Isabelle and Seth always love it there too. Parker played my favorite, Skeeball, a few times. He threw the ball overhand and I had to retrieve it for him each time!

It was a great day to celebrate our Parker!!

We also had a birthday party for him at home, with family. Since Parker likes to play with cars, trains and planes, his birthday cake and decorations were Thomas the Train. We were thankful for those who were able to come celebrate with us: Grandpa Steve & Grandma Barb, Grandpa Clyde & Grandma Diane, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Steve, Jennifer, Jacob, Aunt Lori, Sarah, Connor & Katie.

(Thank you for the cake, Grandma Barb!)

Enjoying lunch
Time with Granda Steve
Help opening presents, with Jacob (puzzle book from Katie)

Parker really enjoyed the party and all the nice gifts - thank you everyone, and Happy Birthday, Parker!!

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