Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween this year was mighty frightening! That's because of the weather! With Hurricane Sandy bringing us cold, wet and even snowy conditions, it was a very cold trick-or-treat night. The kids were still excited, though. Isabelle dressed as a criminal, Seth as a wereworf, and Parker as a train conductor. Parker's costume actually has a matching hat and a red bandana, which he would not wear. So basically he just looked like a bundled up boy in a wagon! He spent the entire walk in the wagon, enjoying some dum-dums. Our friend Emma also joined us. She was dressed as an Olympic gold medalist.

The beginning of the night
The Trio

Trick-or-Treat in progress

Happy with his sucker
This is a photo of Parker from last weekend where you can see his costume (we went to a going-away party / costume party for Katie and Travis).

We saw a really cute idea and thought we should have done something like that with Parker's wagon. It was a little girl who is in a wheelchair dressed as a firefighter, and her wheelchair was outfitted as a fire engine. So cool!

While getting ready for the night, Seth wanted some photos with the fake moustaches. He wanted to look serious in the photos.

Then I got him to smile...

Seth, Parker and I made it around the neighborhood in about 45 minutes, skipping houses on the way home just so we could get inside and warm. Isabelle, Emma and Shane powered through and made it to every house.

Happy Halloween!!

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