Monday, November 26, 2012

Zipping Fun for the Grown-Ups!

A few weeks back, Shane and I got to enjoy some "grown-up" activities! For Shane's birthday, I gave him a certificate to go ziplining at Valley Zipline Tours in Lancaster. The kids got to spend the day with Grandma Diane while we went on this adventure. This was Shane's first time zipping, and my second (at a different location). The ziplines started out slower and lower to the ground, but definitely got faster and higher as we went. There were platforms built around the trees or freestanding that we took off from each time. There were 6 of us in our group, and once we were all suited up and trained, we were off. The weather was perfect and it was a great day!

No fear

Shane on one of the "starter" ziplines. This was probably the lowest one.

This one was very high! Right over the pond and the parking lot - a bit intimidating! Can you see the landing platform WAY out there in the trees?

Carrie in action

Yes, we had to climb up several tall ladders to get onto the platforms before zipping (one of our two tour guides on the right).

This was the last platform, and we had to repel down it.

The optional "Big Swing" at the end. They pull you up very high then you drop and swing. Shane braved it!

On the big swing - whee!

This photo shows how high the ziplines are. I took this from the ground as someone zipped by.

Fun times!

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