Saturday, May 24, 2014


Seth visited the orthodontist for the first time! He has one lower permanent tooth coming in far behind other permanent teeth, so our dentist suggested we have an orthodontist consultation. We found Dr. Hardy in Grove City. We arrived to this great sign:

First we took a tour around the office. While we were there, I saw several teenagers come in for their appointments, and I liked how casual the office staff was with them. This seems like a great office!

The office had sent us a questionnaire for Seth to fill out about himself. It asked things like favorite shows, hobbies, vacation spots. The office assistant and Dr. Hardy talked to Seth about his answers. Next Seth had an initial exam - in a casual setting instead of the "official" orthodontic chair. Seth had a lot of fun spinning this chair around.

While Seth had his exam, Parker got to play with Mr. Potato Head.

Fortunately, Seth is now on the "Rookie Team", which means that he needs no orthodontic treatment at this time. The doctor likes to wait until more permanent teeth are in, which should be around age 12. That way, if treatment is needed, it can be done all in one phase instead of two or more phases. We like that theory! Meanwhile, we will continue to see Dr. Hardy every 9 months so he can see how Seth's teeth are doing.

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