Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thomas Edison

Seth's 2nd grade class held a Wax Museum night. Each student chose a historical person to represent. Seth chose Thomas Edison. Seth had to do research on Thomas Edison by using the internet and books (he could have used other sources as well). After the research, he recorded significant events on a timeline and in a brief biography, and he gathered artifacts from around our house that were related to Thomas Edison.

A bag for the artifacts, the timeline, the biography sheet, the biography speech and the artifacts
The night of the was museum, Seth dressed up like Thomas Edison would have dressed and displayed the artifacts for all of the attendees to see. Each student had a "push" button on their hand, and when someone pushed their button, he or she had to recite the biography speech as if they were that person.

During the speech
Here's Seth's speech:

Seth did a great job!!

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