Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ohio University

Our niece, Jessica, is a freshman at Ohio University. Her freshman dorm was Pickering, which is where I lived my freshman year! I couldn't wait to go visit her to reminisce about my time at OU! First, we walked around campus, down Court Street, and saw Shane's old apartment on W. State St.

Seth, Isabelle and Shane

Who is coming and who is going?? Baker Student Center is in the background

South Green

Shane and the kids

Scripps Hall (Diane used to work here)
The Greenery is now called the Over Hang

Shane's old hangouts

The Stadium

The Convo
Shane's old apartment. It was a lot smaller than we remembered, and the grass has been replaced by gravel.
Then we had lunch at Broney's Alumni Grille (this was not here when we were students at OU).

Next we went to Pickering to see Jessica! She lived on the 4th floor, so I got to peek into my old room, #402. It was exactly the same, as was the lobby to the building.

Jessica, Parker, Seth, Isabelle in Jessica's room
The lobby

Carrie and Shannon's old 402-Crew room!
Shane decided to use the lobby's phone.
We haven't changed much, ha!
Maybe we'll get to go back again if any of our kids decide to go to OU for college (fingers crossed)!

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