Monday, September 1, 2014

Obetz Zucchinifest

Last weekend we went to the Zucchini Fest in Obetz. We'd never heard of this before, but saw an advertisement in our newspaper. We thought Parker would especially enjoy it, because he didn't get to go to Kings Island with us. While we weren't expecting ride wrist bands to cost $18 each... we still have a good time despite busting our budget! The festival was the cleanest we've ever been to - workers were constantly cleaning up cans and plastic bottles and there were plenty of covered trash bins. The rides also seemed very well maintained and "newer". We came nowhere close to a zucchini because we spent the entire time at the rides! And we were right -  Parker loved the rides! All the kids rode many rides and had so much fun!

Isabelle on the left. This ride went up a bit and dropped down.
This ride (Typhoon) was extremely fast! Isabelle is the only one who rode it:

Ferris wheel

The boys went down the slide many times. Parker practically ramped on the last hump.They both loved it!

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