Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summer Summary, Part 1

Before school starts in 1 week, let's take a look at a summary of our summer! Here are a few things we did back in May and June that weren't on the blog yet!

We visited the Scioto Mile Fountains in downtown Columbus. This is a really neat place (and free!), but it was very crowded and a bit chilly the day we went.

Parker and I visited the Columbus Zoo (before school was out for the summer). We went on a Pirate Voyage boat ride that Parker really liked.

We found a new, little park in Grove City.

Isabelle and I went to visit an animal sanctuary farm in Marysville. Of course Isabelle loved this place! They take in neglected or abused animals and raise them on a great farm.

Isabelle attended a horse camp at Liberty Farms on the west side of Columbus. She learned about grooming and riding and absolutely loved it! The camp was in the morning, so Isabelle came back to work with me in the afternoons.

Here are some photos Isabelle took at camp:

And a video:

Next up - July!

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