Saturday, August 8, 2015

Parker's Big Bed

A couple of weekends ago, Parker transitioned to a big bed! He went from store to store with us and helped pick out his full-size bed, mattress and the outer space bedding. It was a lot of work!

Posing for the last time in his crib, converted to a toddler bed. 

Trying out mattresses

Bringing the box spring home!
Shane had to make two trips - one to pick up the bed and one to pick up the mattress at a different location. We fit pieces on top of the truck and the actual mattress fit in the back of the van.

The new bed and bedding!
Parker's room has been transformed into an outer space themed room! He really likes the planets and we've been talking about them a lot recently. Here are a few other decorations and items in his room:

Parker helped put the decals on the walls

Rocket pillow and Oinky

Toy box

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