Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Summary, Part 2

In July, Seth and Parker took swimming lessons at the Big Splash here in Grove City. This was Seth's second year of lessons here. It was also Parker's second year, but the first year was a parent and child class where a parent stayed in the water with him.

Seth practiced the side stroke, back stroke, front stroke and breast stroke.

Parker had a rough time. He didn't want to participate in the class by himself (without a parent). The teachers coaxed him in a couple of times, but after the fourth class (out of 8), we gave up and quit taking him to the classes.

No, I don't want to.

Working with the instructor

It was fun for 2 minutes!
Each day during the summer, the kids had job lists.

One of Parker's jobs was to write his name. He did really well and quickly learned how to spell and write PARKER.

He also had to draw and/or color a picture every day.

A house, by Parker

On July 30th, we celebrated Shane's 45th birthday at Max and Erma's. Since it was his birthday, we got free cookies!

Parker also learned letters while taking baths.

We spent several days and evenings swimming at Big Splash. It seems to be the one place all the kids have fun at together!

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