Sunday, June 12, 2016

Blue Jackets Games

Back in March, we got to attend two Columbus Blue Jackets games! We were invited by our friends Shannon, Jeff, Brady and Savannah to a game because they had two extra tickets. Seth and I were happy to be able to go to see the Jackets vs. the Penguins (although the Jackets lost).

Shannon and Carrie
About a week and a half later, we were able to get tickets to a game through Shane's work. This time, Seth stayed at home with a sitter. He didn't mind, since he went to the last game :)  We left around 9:00 PM, while the Jackets were losing. However, we later found out that it was a great ending to the game, and the Jackets ended up victorious!

Parker and Carrie

Sporting their OU gear

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